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I had a dream once about the colosseum.

He was there looking extra pristine, my big brother, Gabriel.

“Let the race to stand beside Georgiana begin!” A thunderous voice echoed through the arena beckoning every knight and soldier to fight.

Madison turned to me, “Is this okay?”

“Of course not!” Lilly with a tight fist objected. “You should fight for yourself!”

In the dream, I saw familiar faces. I saw the faces of every guy I’d ever encountered, each with their own agenda. Who is my specific champion?

“Are you alright letting them take control?”


I am my own champion.


Rhett was one of many faces I was gladly surprised to see. As far as either of us are concerned, we don’t have any concrete connections. Seeing him earnestly compete in a dream, I knew, was my personal wish.

Since graduating high school, seeing him gradually became a vitamin source for my waning resolve especially after entering art school. Every Sunday morning was filled with renewed energy. I felt rejuvenated just from the sight of him and with that, I was ready to tackle the coming week. And as I struggled through my second year, I was greatly thankful for his presence even if he had no idea how Godsend he was.

It didn’t matter that I couldn’t connect well with my classmates or that assignments became difficult and redundant as long as Sundays existed.

But everyone leaves at some point.

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