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How do you cook your own meals every day?

How do you cook your own meals every day with roommates in mind and a full-time job? I can’t answer this from experience alone because my full-time job is a lot more flexible than most, but also because it’s not as lucrative as a regular job. I’m an artist and writer by passion. Additionally, it…

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How to survive dysmenorrhea? (Part 1)

A younger version of myself would’ve never thought to ask, how to survive dysmenorrhea? I was young when I had my first experience with menstruation, and unsurprisingly, I didn’t rely much on anyone to tell me how things should be done. I just winged it until I could no longer. Something I never thought deeply…

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Why is our (emotional) mental health important?

Our mental health is more important than ever. Despite advocating for self-love in the past eight years, I still feel burnt out to practice what I preach. I’d press restart on life, but that’s impossible. We can’t relive our pasts hoping to change it. The worst part about having depression and anxiety is wondering if…

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