December Thoughts | Artist Vlog | Too Many Things Happening

Around this time of year from December to the end of February, I’m often brought to my lowest of lows. As I’ve often talked about in my other posts here on my blog, the turning of a new age will often bring out memories I’ve thought I let go. This time is no different. Not all work is fun.

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Novel Thoughts | Character Building | Assassination Classroom

I write a good number of dark stories tackling mental health and I truly enjoy them. It’s fun and I didn’t think I’d like it. It’s just difficult to get an audience for my certain darkness… I particularly write dark fanfics based on J.K. Rowling’s series Harry Potter because it’s such a good base to begin …

Novel Thoughts | he’s gotta love Jane

Who I am… what I am has been greatly shaped by the writings of Jane Austen. It’s only natural that I feel a connection with Austen that must be understood even at a low level by the person who will call himself my better half. There are fandoms and addictions, then there’s Jane Austen’s words. Why do …