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this is Georgiana. chapter one

I had dreams of an older boy with large hands, and a gentle smile. Nothing about him stood out. He always wore the same jeans and sweater. He roughly had dark brown hair resembling mine and even darker brown eyes. He used to be my brother. In the dreams, I noticed, he’d cautiously lift his

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Novel Thoughts | An Invisible Sign

An Invisible Sign Let’s discuss An Invisible Sign starring Jessica Alba, Chris Messina, Sonia Braga, J.K. Simmons, John Shea, Sophie Nyweide, and Bailee Madison as young Jessica Alba. Definitely, love Bailee Madison; she’s such a great young actress. I always enjoy watching her. For this movie, it was a lot to do with family and how

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Poem 02

… This was written for a poetry class I was taking last year. I was coming out of my emotional turmoil (self-inflicted injuries) at the time and this was my attempt to confess, but in an anoynmous way to anyone who was willing to read it. This poem means a lot to me and I

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