Roxanne Adupe

Hi, I’m Roxanne, the artist behind June Sketches and more commonly known as June. I am a freelance artist with a focus on character design and illustration for extensive use from a company logo to children’s books. .


the evolution of my art style has come to this. check out the art style I am trying to develop and create my identity as an artist here.

recent art ramblings

official Patreon Launch

I’ve put off putting myself out there and risking everything then finding out I had nothing which makes this Patreon Launch even more important. If…

failing to launch

Have you ever watched that one movie about some adult failing to get out of their parents’ roof? I haven’t but I totally relate. This…

expectations · month of june

To better tackle projects lined up, here are my expectations for the month of June. Before I tackle the ins and outs of this new…

The Bird Song Comic

The story is about a young adult named Fia Clara Walsh, a non-magical girl who forcibly inserts herself in the affairs of magical creatures.

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An edited gallery of my illustrations since 2015. Current WIPS or illustrations appear here first.


Spurs of ramblings too short for an official blog post. Also sometimes I share art here.


For lengthier ramblings and other late night long thoughts.


I create process videos or monthly recaps of illustrations and projects I tackle.

Schedule: Every two weeks at 10AM PST.

documenting the ADVENTURES across various mediums.