Roxanne Adupe

Hi, I’m Roxanne, the artist behind June Sketches and more commonly known as June. I am a freelance artist with a focus on character design and illustration for extensive use from a company logo to children’s books.

how I got started

My journey truly began in the beginning of 2015 and hit a high point around late October of that same year. After a long deliberation with myself, I dropped out of college to focus on bettering my mental health that had deteriorated through the years. As school is not for everyone, I learned the long way that it was ultimately not for me.

The beginnings of my blog in 2012 were the result of a frustrated young adult who had difficulties maintaining a balance between passion and education. (For the purpose of maintaining continuity and preserving authenticity, I have kept the old blog. Old blog posts are accessible to anyone.)

Transferring initially was meant to reignite the excitement in learning but the corporate atmosphere I felt at the time did not help with my mental health. As a result, I dropped out and spent about two and a half years getting to know myself and figuring out my passions.

In 2015, I started my Instagram to document in drawings the improvements I was going through and by the end of the year, I realized I was passionate still for art but also equally for writing.

And so began the struggle in combining both passions without stressing myself out.

Since realigning my life back into a path, I have been successful in meshing together two passions and continue to enjoy the journey.

After weighing my options and particular goals, I began my journey as a freelance artist/entrepreneur in November of 2018.