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New Year’s day was spent with the Carter family too. As January continued to roll in, I somehow knew everything in my life would never be the same again.


Lilly’s celebration was a lot of fun. I found that I could get drunk too with lack of sleep and a few shots of vodka and maybe rum.


Maddie: My grandmother passed away.

Joey: I’m sorry, Maddie. How are you?

Sunny: I’m sorry to hear that, Maddie. Yes, how are you?

Maddie: I’m doing alright. Sad but I have to be alright.

Sunny: When did it happen?

Georgie: Condolences Madison.


Joey: Will you guys be going to the viewing?

Sunny: I have work that day, so I’m not sure I’ll make it.

Georgie: Yeah. You?

Joey: That’s understandable, Sunny. And yeah, I am. Wanna go together, Georgie?


Georgie: You here?

Joey: Yeah.

“Need any help?”

“Should we help out?”

“Is that Evan?”

“How have you been?”

“I just got here.”

“I’ll be there soon.”

“I didn’t know where to park.”

“How are you, Maddie?”

“Have you seen the body?”

“I remember back in high school, your grandmother always remembered me. She was so kind.”

“I only remember her that one time.”

“How are you, Maddie?”

“This is Steven.”

“We finally meet.”

“He’ll be back though, he needs to go poop.”

“Great job embarrassing your boyfriend.”

“It’s true though!”

“Oh well, that’s what he gets for having a weird girlfriend with equally weird friends.”

Twenty. Morning.

Georgie: I’m running on Filipino time!

Lilly: It’s okay. I just woke up.

Lilly: You think I can wear my white shirt?

Georgie: Yeah, sounds appropriate.

Lilly: Okay cool.

Georgie: Ready yet?

Lilly: Oh no, we might miss the mass.

Joey: I’ll save you guys a seat.

Sunny: Sorry I can’t be there. Check up on Maddie for me.

anne compared

My hand lingered over the book as I thought about Anne.

Evangeline and everyone around her thought of her as red. Kent thought of me as white though I’ve always felt more of a prussian blue. My brother is a basil green. Abby is a golden yellow. Sebastian’s an apple green. Dana is an apricot orange. Alex is a currant red. Kent is a cerulean blue and so is Chris. Anne was a plum purple.

Anne was a national treasure. What she is as a person, as a girl, as a friend, and as a girlfriend was something I’d never seen before. I admired her tenacity and perseverance in just about everything.

What Kent was to me, Anne was to Kent and I’ll forever be jealous of what I couldn’t reach.

Note from me:

I didn’t update LtoG for months, but I’m actually on Chapter 9 on Tapas. There’s quite a few to binge read if that’s something you want to do. If you haven’t read it because you don’t own a Tapas account, I am working on a PDF version, eBook, and also a printed version.

Not gonna overhype it because it will take a while to get to it.

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