October Thoughts | Artist Vlog | Stressful Expectations

Every month, I find myself creating a list of goals I want to try accomplishing and each month I am faced with my own mental and emotional restrictions. I am sure that this will be a constant considering the ongoing struggle with depression. Reminding myself to be more lenient and understanding of myself can become tough when things on that list don’t get crossed-out like I wish them to be.

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Poem 98

this is 25. i flatter myself some days, build my confidence with “i love you’s” said by a beautiful reflection. i have scratches, cuts, bruises, and wounds which never disappearsbut i am new, each and every day.twenty and a five,they mean very little to othersbut to me, it was a goal.i crash and i burnand am …

Poem 93

Drug. it’s been a short year with long months and dragging days. a year not to this day, i stopped running, desperately trying to catch and fall into step with every other person as if their speed was the only right way. dopamine. i raised my hand to tell you to go ahead without me, …