NaNoWriMo | Huevember Nomvember | Steeping Tea (a short story)

So, she decided to get to know the girl, to peel the mysteries off piece by piece so she too could yearn to live again.

She listened to Georgiana tell her stories about the failings of an older girl, the heartaches, the intangible pain, and watched the visible scars across the arms of an equally thin girl fade with time. Yet, they would always be there, Georgiana tells her.

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the search for a developmental editor

Yes, you read correctly. I’m looking for a developmental editor. I recently joined Reedsy. It’s a platform where professionals like editors, publishers, and even designers can gather and find the right person for their project. So, ya’ll know I finished my novel about Georgiana—about my life— and after half a year of contemplation, I decided I …

Novel Thoughts | Character Building | Assassination Classroom

I write a good number of dark stories tackling mental health and I truly enjoy them. It’s fun and I didn’t think I’d like it. It’s just difficult to get an audience for my certain darkness… I particularly write dark fanfics based on J.K. Rowling’s series Harry Potter because it’s such a good base to begin …