monthly thoughts | holiday season this december (and november)

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monthly thoughts

‘it’s the holiday season’

When the cold hits in I’m always tempted to curl into a ball, grab a cup of warm tea and laze about. I guess November was a bit like that but December has been a rush. It’s the holiday season after all.

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novel projects

December started off with a whirlwind of deadlines. Novel projects I was prepping for were due to drop Dec 12/13 but I was still quite behind on my tasks. Thankfully, despite the holidays, I was able to finish what I set out to do.

These two novels feature female protagonists who dream about uncertain futures. While one dreams vaguely, the other dreams with precise detail and vividness.

To know more, check out this teaser I wrote up this month: December Story Teasers

latest creations

These are my latest creations this month! Plus the latest Creating Art posts.

when in doubt, ride it out

december goals and expectations

december story teasers

2020 | resolutions and goals for the new year

    june captures her adventures

    Have you seen my latest adventures? I’ve done a few new things this month.


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