december goals and expectations

goals and expectations

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Before we jump into my December goals and expectations, I’d like to first say that I do this kind of post on a monthly basis to accompany the Monthly Newsletter. I like to start off my month with some sort of end goal. Partly to help pump myself up and another to make me feel more accomplished.

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It’s a good method for keeping an anxious and depressive mind from falling to the depths of nothingness.

Here is my expected schedule for the month:

The highlighted dates are when I expect to post. I’ll break it down in detail below.

So, to belatedly start off December, here are my goals and expectations for the month.


This month, I have big expectations (whether I like it or not). I’m a bit anxious but my projects are moving along swimmingly. I have a couple writing projects that are scheduled to come out this month. I’ve already released a teaser for Listening to Georgiana on Tapastic. I will go into detail about this on Friday, Dec 13. Another writing project is Lady Eliana. I didn’t really hype this one up but I’ll also talk more about this once the first chapters get dropped this Friday.

For now, here’s a teaser.

Lady Eliana woke up one day from an ominous dream depicting her death in the far off future. Slowly coming to understand the circumstances of her birth, she struggles to change her fate. What is destiny anyway? She’ll just have to fight, arms flailing and legs kicking even if it means changing the course of events. What is life without its uncertainties! 

Genre:  Mature, Fantasy, Mystery, Josei, Historical, Romance

As for art projects, I have plans to finish a number of pieces to accompany the two novels I have going on. I also plan to touch base on a couple series I’ve had: Red Strings and Red Girls Fanart (tackling Emma from Memories of Alhambra or redrawing Kairi from KHIII).

emma memories of alhambra work in progress expectation to finish this month
kairi from khiii work in progress expectation to finish this month

I also expect to tackle a couple of commissions whether by collecting research or starting on the actual projects. I’m not yet sure if I’ll have time.

Outside my ‘brand’ Junesketches, I’ve also been working on more personal things -learning felting and embroidery- for a future endeavor. (Also just adding to my skill set as an artist.) I am also trying to broaden my knowledge of creature creations. I focus so much on humanoid figures that it’s sometimes good to try other things.


My three goals for the month:

  1. Publish a chapter of a novel.
    Publish the first chapter of Lady Eliana and Listening to Georgiana to Tapastic with their book cover art and chapter cover art. Hopefully, I can also post the sub-chapter art for Listening to Georgiana.
  2. Finish a painting.
    Finish a painting -watercolor or digital- focused on a work in progress series.

    As a rule of thumb, I think the third goal should be one that is easier to manage and not one heavily focused on work but rather something more personal.
  3. Find time for leisure activities.
    I find that I tend to pigeon-hole myself into a project and forget to relax. This often leads to prolonged vacations on my part. I want a more balanced workload and this is a good time as any to test a few things out!

So there go my three goals of the month. They touch base on my expectations for myself and hope that I can accomplish them to the best of my abilities. We shall see!

I think my next goals and expectations post will be one showcasing my New Year’s resolution but what of the resolutions I made this year? We can tackle that before the year ends!!!

Here is my expected schedule for my writing projects:

Between Crossings // Lullabies by Georgiana

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