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Let’s talk about my resolutions and goals from 2019 and for the coming year, 2020. Last year, I came up with a list of resolutions for the new year and this year I’ll be making a new set of goals.

Before I tackle what I want to accomplish next year, I thought I’d reflect on the things I was able to fulfill from my list this year. The year passed by in a flash. I’m regretful to say that it’s near its end. I feel it went by too quickly.

What do you think?

did I accomplish my resolutions and goals for 2019?

I did.

Most of the resolutions and goals I set out to do this year, I was able to accomplish thanks to the people around me and my own conviction (of course).

I was surprised to see that I was able to check off so many of them but this year was filled with many experiences I purposefully sought out.

My success can truly be attested to that. The opportunities that the people in my life extended to me and those experiences I accepted in my life led me to accomplish these resolutions and goals. Not accomplished are the last two resolutions and goals. Life does not always follow the timeline we wrote out.

And that’s okay.

It’s to be expected to have things not go our way. After all, that’s life. However, I’m already happy with everything else I was able to do.

Being a freelance artist with depression

The only downside is my flow of work. I find 2019 (like all other years) was (still) filled with breaks. These were times in which I had my lows of lows. At some point, I felt like I was just being lazy just because I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t work. I felt that I needed to be constantly moving, working and getting things done. That’s probably why my mind and body often shut down on me.

(Sometimes for months, I wouldn’t do any work and couldn’t even look at art. Other times my excitement for projects overwhelmed me.)

Despite the downs of the year, I was still able to create more work than I have ever had (I think) since starting this ‘career’ of mine.

I remember drawing so much during my youth.

Growing up, I had sketchbooks I filled with random characters and stories. In high school, I filled sketchbooks with lessons and things I wanted to someday elaborate on. At some point, all that drawing time dwindled and whenever I got a chance to get away from art, I bolted.

I enjoy art a lot more now and even when I take breaks, I think about the next time I’ll get to draw.

Somehow, art is a magical escape again. Though, I wouldn’t quite say I’m escaping these days. I find that my art and writing embrace reality more often and it’s a wonderful feeling for someone with depression.

Despite all these happy thoughts, I do wish I received more work even if that work isn’t always going to be pleasant ones. After all, I am still a freelance artist.

2020 resolutions and goals


  1. June – How you have bloomed into summer. It is wonderful to see … Happy New Year!🎈

    1. Ahh, that’s sweet of you to say. 😊 It’s been such a long journey to get here and I gotta say, you helped a lot. So, thank you so much for keeping up with me. I hope that this past year has been good for you and for the coming year to be even better. Happy New Year! 🎉

  2. Grandfathersky says:

    *Roxanne 😊

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