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For the month of December, here are the series I will be publishing accompanied by the story teasers. I will be publishing two pieces with two differing leading ladies, one who is flighty while the other is headstrong. Thinking it would be a fun back to back publish, both girls dream of a future they cannot quite understand.

I recommend that only those 18 or older read either stories as both tackle mature subjects such as mental health, abuse, and trauma. They (may) also feature explicit sexual or violent content as well as include obscene language/profanities.

No artwork will feature any of the forewarned and thus will be openly shared through my June Sketches social accounts.

Both works are signed as a story by Philomena Anne (art by J. Adupe)
to understand, read about it through the link.

Story Teasers

I have finished writing LtoG for a couple of years (2017) now and have been meaning to publish it officially. Therefore, this is a chance for me to release the 3rd draft with the rewritten ending while I busy away with the sequel.

Listening to Georgiana.

“I’d like the story to follow or represent the struggles that I am going through, from youth to who I am now. It’s been a tough battle and still is. There’s always a yearning to escape what feels like a hell-hole and a life that is seemingly unrelatable to anyone else. I want to convey the loneliness I feel, the death I wish[ed] for, and the life I strive to live. Depression is a confusing thing. Sometimes, the days go by and I’m okay. Other times, the only way to get through the day is to lie down, look up at the ceiling and hope that the sun will set soon to bring in a new and better day.” – me when I was writing LtoG

genre: mature – fiction – new adult – inspired by true to life events

new adult genre

New adult (NA) fiction, also rendered as newadult fiction, is a developing genre of fiction with protagonists in the 18–30 age bracket. … New adult fiction tends to focus on issues such as leaving home, developing sexuality, and negotiating education and career choices. (Wikipedia)

Lady Eliana is a project that started off as a game proposal for a class I took some years ago (2013-2014). It was a story without a real purpose other than to be a broken game about a girl named Elizabeth set in a modernized Victorian time. Taking a new life of its own as a light novel, Elizabeth becomes Eliana Wardwell, a girl whose life is forfeited.

Lady Eliana

Lady Eliana woke up one day from an ominous dream depicting her death in the far off future. Slowly coming to understand the circumstances of her birth, she struggles to change her fate. What is destiny anyway? She’ll just have to fight, arms flailing and legs kicking even if it means changing the course of events. What is life without its uncertainties!

genre: mature – fantasy – fiction – historical loosely based

Publish Schedule

I will provide an updated chart whenever a change is made.

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