late with updates, i know

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Trying to schedule everything and still ending up late with updates as usual. These days, I fault myself less. Going with the flow is often a much nicer take on life. Therefore, as apologetic as I am for not being able to update as much as I’d like, I’m more excited to be too focused on my projects.

Usually late with updates…
Laverne from Between Crossings

Social media has always been a difficult thing for me to keep up with. It’s definitely something I need to keeping working on. It’s a long journey ahead for me!

I swear though that I am working towards a goal.

Today, I scheduled an updated for my Patrons with the sketches of my comic: Between Crossings. It’s pretty much a prequel to the universe of Magie Mordue (my circus story) and for The Bird Song. Yes, you read that right. MM and TBS are in the same universe, albeit alternate ones… uh yup, time. After all, Lyra is a time magician.

(You can check out my last update for more info.) (Latest Creating Art Post.)

the original design for lyra from magie mordue

I plan to have her appear briefly in TBS- like super brief and far into the story- so basically not anytime soon. Lol

About the project: Between Crossings

Between Crossings is a story that came to me in a dream. I couldn’t let it go and it really threw me off during October. It was so difficult to let go that I decided to just bite the bullet and create the story. It’s a short story- dream. I basically know the entire story and I know the ending vaguely enough to create my own. Still, probably, I can’t let it go because I don’t know it exactly. Oh well. I hope that you all look forward to the story I’ll be creating. It’s a story that has become very dear to me over the course of the past few weeks… really it’s been a month since I dreamt it.

I will update again hopefully with Inktober has done, my Monthly Newsletter and everything else that goes with beginning a new month though it’s already past the first week. Eek!

Please send some love to my Instagram. I’ve been updating my stories as often as I can. xD

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