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Magic Moon Week | Rosamund Snow and Lyra Apollina | Part 2

Lyra Apollina lives in the modern day world. I really wanted to show the large gap in their worlds not only through their clothing but in their mindsets as well. The dynamic between the characters is one of the most important things in the story, I think. Rosamund is also a few years older than

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Magic Moon Week | Rosamund Snow | Part 1

I’ve tackled so many art challenges, it’s almost unbelievable it’s barely near the end of January when I finished Magic Moon Week. Magic Moon Week is an art challenge I stumbled upon on Instagram, created by these artists:@barbaratamilin @nancychalmers @claire.prouvost @petrabraunillustration @hannahjayhollowed @weronika.salach (I didn’t actually know that before I joined… and I joined really

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