childhood: a vague explanation of my unpleasant youth

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I have vague memories of an unpleasant childhood. When I refer to my childhood, it is often years prior to transplanting from the Philippines to the States. Though inaccurate, I probably just feel that by the time I moved, I wasn’t that child.

I was 8 at the time.

The reason I bring this up in a quick update is that I’ve been recollecting a lot of my youth in the past couple weeks that I’ve taken a hiatus from Inktober. It’s been therapeutic which has never been a thing. I’ve never felt like my childhood was good. It was always vaguely unpleasant- borderline traumatic and heartbreaking.

But in these two weeks of introspection, I’ve felt a sort of enlightenment. Things I was never able to see, I could suddenly look at with objectivity.

I think that’s the key point, being objective.

sketch of me at age 4 with same aged Clara Walsh, The Bird Song protagonist.

In my honest opinion…

…the ups and downs of my childhood- the stops, the stalling, and the obstacles I’ve gone through my journey of life (not just as an artist) has landed me in this situation where I can be genuinely enthused by the happenings. It’s also been a great stepping stone- push? for me to continue the creation of my comic: The Bird Song.

Unfortunately… I think it’s been too big of a push-er. I have some relatively-sized plans that I’m working on before I get to TBS. Just some practice runs, I like to think.

It involves my unpleasant childhood plus more. Possibly a touch of Georgiana (Listening to Georgiana.)

Please do look forward to this work in progress project/s.

My next post will be a Creating Art post which available only to Patrons. I will be talking about virtually a similar topic but delving deeper into the specifics of the word: unpleasant or what it means to me.

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