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TTOJ | Chapter One

Only a Dream The feminine body under the sheet squirmed, uncomfortable with the sudden cool air she didn’t expect to come with summer. Heck, she didn’t think she needed a thick blanket but there she was, curling into a ball to keep the warmth within her. A strange echoing sound finally woke Juniper up. Her

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the many him in my life.

I have a list of men in my life. (Maybe I’ve told you about it before…?) I definitely wrote a poem, Poem 36 Bus Stop.It’s been written since the day I was born and it only grows and warps by the year. Here’s a long story about those men. *All names have been changed to

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Ce Sont les Contes de Magie Mordu

NaNoWriMo has been upon us since November 1. Lol. I’m currently writing a story about life, magic, wishes and dreams that we sometimes believe can never come true. The story is about things I’ve experience and seen myself. It’s about love, family, duty and truth. It’s about the dreams we make real and wishes that

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