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I’ve been making things for fun these past weeks which have nothing to do with furthering my art and writing career. Let’s get on with the storytime!

I didn’t really grow up with Jane Austen empowering me, but when I was 18, my literature teacher recommended Pride and Prejudice for me to read while I cleaned up her tiny library in the classroom. I love cleaning, as you may all already know. At the time, I didn’t really have a particular intention for cleaning. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it enough to volunteer. I also didn’t have a mild dust allergy that plagues me today which was a bonus.

That was my first entry into the world of Jane Austen and since then, there was just no going back.

I had watched the 2005 version before reading the book. More often than not, watching the movie first for anything made it difficult to read the novel version (which is the opposite in the case of The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien). But I read the book, got hooked, read Persuasion, dubbed it as my ultimate favorite book of all time, and so the journey went.

I’m truly enjoying just drawing and creating things for the fun of it. And I have quite a plan for all of this eventually, but I still intend to make it a therapeutic activity for myself as per my therapist’s recommendation.

Ooh, dropped big info there!

Yes, I am in therapy now and actually officially diagnosed this week with Major Depression. *celebratory noises* This means that there’s no doubt left and maybe, this is the start to a better manageable me. Here’s to hope!

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