bus story · bruised

Bruised He was bruised.Beaten.Out of confidence.He walked with a hunch.Slouched.The heavy bag slung overHis shoulders down.They bumped.He looked.No words were said.He received no apology.He was bruised. originally published 2015 Bruised, a short story Mornings, they were always something of a hassle. Though Robin Snow would rather spend the day lazying about, she would go ahead …

December Thoughts | Artist Vlog | Too Many Things Happening

Around this time of year from December to the end of February, I’m often brought to my lowest of lows. As I’ve often talked about in my other posts here on my blog, the turning of a new age will often bring out memories I’ve thought I let go. This time is no different. Not all work is fun.

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October Thoughts | Artist Vlog | Stressful Expectations

Every month, I find myself creating a list of goals I want to try accomplishing and each month I am faced with my own mental and emotional restrictions. I am sure that this will be a constant considering the ongoing struggle with depression. Reminding myself to be more lenient and understanding of myself can become tough when things on that list don’t get crossed-out like I wish them to be.

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