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NaNoWriMo | Huevember & Nomvember | “Sandwich” (A Short Story)

Expectations led to a bunch of disappointments that he could frankly do without. But complications, those were different entirely. He liked the complicated and often made things complicated when they weren’t.

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NaNoWriMo | Huevember & Nomvember | “Coffee” (A Short Story)

The coffee he usually bought, he made at the Maison. There was something about making something himself that always made staying at the Maison that much more special.

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NaNoWriMo | Huevember Nomvember | Steeping Tea (a short story)

So, she decided to get to know the girl, to peel the mysteries off piece by piece so she too could yearn to live again.

She listened to Georgiana tell her stories about the failings of an older girl, the heartaches, the intangible pain, and watched the visible scars across the arms of an equally thin girl fade with time. Yet, they would always be there, Georgiana tells her.

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Short Story | Caroline Allen

Caroline Allen Caroline Allen liked to stare out of her window, her tea at hand and a cookie within reach. Her hobby consisted of two things: walking and reading. She often did both together, which has gotten a good share of laughs and mocking from her neighbors. They were cruel indeed, but she didn’t give

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Babble | Jill + Update

Jill Jill owned her own antique shop, one that’s been passed on from generation to generation. She, unluckily, received it from her grandmother rather than her mom. Long story short, her mom along with her father left her. Left? Well, they didn’t exactly up and packed to go run away. They simply left, eyes closed and

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TTOJ | Chapter One

Only a Dream The feminine body under the sheet squirmed, uncomfortable with the sudden cool air she didn’t expect to come with summer. Heck, she didn’t think she needed a thick blanket but there she was, curling into a ball to keep the warmth within her. A strange echoing sound finally woke Juniper up. Her

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