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I decided to join a few challenges this month to fully incorporate my love for drawing and writing: NaNoWriMo, Huevember, and Nomvember. The real challenge was being able to incorporate each part seamlessly. Strangely enough, the ideas came easily to me. I was able to sketch out the four pieces I would be doing. Deciding that there was no way I could do an everyday post like for Inktober. I wouldn’t want to put myself in that position again. Maybe for MerMay… but we’ll see.

The overarching thematic idea would be characters from Listening to Georgiana in their natural habitats. LOL! Since I knew my characters well-enough, it made deciding which character corresponded well with hues I’d picked (because they’re sort of set in stone by a color wheel going around as the “prompt”) and what food would go well with the character. One of the things the creator of Nomvember, JoySan (SnarkyTuna on Instagram) wanted was to create a story for their art pieces, so I just jumped off from that because I really wanted to do NaNoWriMo.

For my first day (technically the 7th for the two drawing challenges) I’m doing Abigail from the Maison in a part of the greenhouse I imagine she spends most her time at. And for NaNoWriMo, I decided to write a short story to accompany the art piece.

I hope you guys enjoy!!!

There’s also the process video below and a bit of me talking about the piece.

Steeping Tea (with Abby)

Abigail Lacy wasn’t into formal introductions or getting to know the other people around her. She minded her own business and preferred others to do the same. Yet, everyone somehow knew about the scars she’d hidden away so well.

When the new girl came to the Maison the Fall of her 22nd birthday, she expected the same busybody tendencies everyone else seemed to have. Surprisingly, that had not been the case.

Their first meeting was offhanded. The new girl was lost while Abby and another visiting guest of the Maison were out. They met by chance, and what chance that was. To Abigail, Georgiana Mendoza was a reflection.

So, it was not a curious coincidence that Georgiana had the same fascination with plants and the greenhouse of the Maison. She gravitated towards the greens and strolled around fresh air rather than cooped up in the hallways. Though, Abby didn’t know that Georgiana was both until she saw her one day crouched in front of a bush of white roses. Georgiana was not a reflection after all.

During her daily life at the Maison, Abby steeped tea made from her garden of herbs, roots, and florals. She didn’t have dreams of becoming a horticulturist but she lived like a botanical witch.

Tea was something she shared with anyone who visited the greenhouse that she painstakingly cares for these past years since living at the Maison.


Steeping Tea (with Abby) can be read on Tapas in full.

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