NaNoWriMo | Huevember Nomvember | Steeping Tea (a short story)

So, she decided to get to know the girl, to peel the mysteries off piece by piece so she too could yearn to live again.

She listened to Georgiana tell her stories about the failings of an older girl, the heartaches, the intangible pain, and watched the visible scars across the arms of an equally thin girl fade with time. Yet, they would always be there, Georgiana tells her.

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Poem 96

An Unusual Confession sometimes, i find myself plopping down on the floor, completely consumed with cravings ready to bite off the head of the nearest creature, it being my brother who sits innocently at the kitchen bar i’m not into niceties, especially on days my hand reaches for chocolate, even when my motto is all about …

Poem 23

How They Never Met She sits unquestionably at the balcony with family, surrounded by strangers because she didn’t like conversing with others within a sacred home. He’ll sit at the back, shoulder to shoulder with his dad and when time comes, he’d walk down the aisle focused as one could ever be when facing God. …