new beginnings

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For some reason, my writing creativity feels stifled by being in a new home.

It really shouldn’t be any different, right? I’m still just blogging, right? I honestly have no idea how I feel at this moment. It’s as if I could do all the wrong there is to possibly do. This is for new beginnings…

This was supposed to make things easier… but it’s tougher trying to share my thoughts and feelings knowing I’ve opened it up to an even bigger viewer count (really though, it’s the family and friends that now have this link). It’s not about the strangers. It’s about the people who already have a certain disposition about you.

I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes though that would be difficult considering my entire Le Voyage series.

personal projects and challenges

As part of my journey in self-growth, I’ve come to open myself up for more criticism. I’ve been in this safety bubble of “your art is really cute” for a while now that I’ve forgotten how lacking I am in my basics. That’s to say, I just haven’t been practicing all that much since I dropped out.

For those of you new here, here’s a very short information about that topic.

I used to go to an art school and because of certain developments in my life, I’ve had to postpone it until I ended up simply dropping out. It was the scariest thing I had ever done but it was also a blessing in disguise.

Now, I get to be below poverty line as well as pursue my passions.

*Insert derisive laughter*

My Personal Project

My personal project this month was “Floral Elf Series” where I draw basically that- Elves with a flower theme. My art gallery currently showcases two of them and I have a few more currently in progress. This challenge has posed a lot of questions for me like what direction do I want to go with my art? I know that when I dropped out, I was miles away from even being able to create one of the elves. I had no understanding of shading whatsoever. This was a fluke for the most part and I’m looking forward to challenging myself even more as the month progresses.

I am proud of having come this far. This just means, I’m approaching my life in a way where I am happy with it. I’m not being pulled in every which way because this is my personal decision. It feels good.

At the bottom of the page, there’ll be a section for my monthly projects (what I’m up to). Next month will be prepping for Inktober but also for the comic I have been planning this year.

In reference to a previous post about my chapbook, I’m also going to redo the art for that so that it’ll truly exclusive to the chapbook. Please look forward to that. I have to build some hype for it though. Hahaha

how has the move to the new domain been?

Well, it’s had its ups and downs. I’ve wanted to pull my hair a few times out of frustration and misunderstandings. There have been tons of angry words shouted and tears shed. Definitely, tears shed. I figure the way that I am now, it’s gotten a lot easier speaking my mind and also trying to understand the other party BUT it’s not any easier not being heard. I’m still battling that stigma against me which means learning to speak a little louder and with more conviction.

It’s a struggle.

I’ll get there though.

my writing endeavors.

They have not stopped. It has changed since my last update on it. I’m still working with an editor. Listening to Georgiana. is still in the works and I’m getting more and more excited talking about it to other people. It’s a pleasure project that has taken a life of its own through the years. I’m super proud of how far it’s come.

With the chapbook, plans for zines, and Listening to Georgiana. it’s ALMOST a surprise to me that I also have my comic to think about and a children’s book in the works with my sister.

Super excited for these new wonderful things in my life, so much to look forward to.

I feel like it’s just the true beginning of my life, of this journey. I hope that those who’ve stuck around continue to do so and for new readers/followers that this is a journey they’ll look forward to taking with me.

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