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Poem 96

An Unusual Confession sometimes, i find myself plopping down on the floor, completely consumed with cravings ready to bite off the head of the nearest creature, it being my brother who sits innocently at the kitchen bar i’m not into niceties, especially on days my hand reaches for chocolate, even when my motto is all about

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don’t forget

to check me out at June Dreamer because when I’m not awake, I’m dreaming vivid dreams. or Bleu Clair Belle, when I’m not just writing for myself, but for others as well. Also, be sure to follow me on twitter, @darumarox or @junesketches or @bleuclairbelle And be sure to check me out at June Sketches

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Secretly This Way

*A little irritated that my space key is acting up.* I got really sick yesterday after eating breakfast and while I was at church. I was pretty much knocked out yesterday and just watching Hallmark Christmas movies and eating soup. Plus, it’s that time of the month again… sorry, male readers- er not sorry. That’s

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