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the statue of the little mermaid on a rock in copenhagen denmark

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I’m embarking on a new short project this May for Mermay 2023 called Seafoam or Sea Foam or Sea-Foam (still debating if I want it as one word). Without giving away too much, it’s going to be a children’s storybook that adults could enjoy.

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In a previous post ( What I Didn’t Know Then ), I talked about finding my voice as an author. This happens to be one of those things I’m trying to embrace.

My writing tends to take tragic turns, but I’ve always pulled back to give it some lightheartedness. This isn’t any different, however, it’s in a children’s book medium which I’ve never done before. My audience has always been people my age, so above 25 years of age.

Mermay from 2020

Expectations and Pre-work for Seafoam, Mermay 2023

I’ve written out the story for the book and (when this gets posted) will have done at least the storyboarding. Cross my fingers that I’ve actually started a few spreads by this time. Otherwise, I’ll be working on the dot during May.

Aside from this project, I’m working on my sister’s mermaid children’s book.

It’s been a lot of work, mentally. In all honesty, I’ve found commissions to have a very similar wave of motion for me. It’s interesting starting but gets redundant and borderline irritating. Simply put, I think, I give myself too much, and other people have a tendency to take for granted what I’m giving. Instead, it’s seen as a requirement.

I don’t want to be that person, but I’m not getting paid to do this for my sister. The amount I put in is voluntary and should be treated as such. I’m trying to set boundaries now, but it’s not as easily done as said. I’ve had the same problem twice before, so I know that in part, it’s my fault. Boundaries are a bit complicated for me considering how I grew up. It’ll take time.

That’s basically what May will be for me.

More on Seafoam next month!

But yeah, I’m seriously back to work.

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