blooming days; spring showers

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June Sketches

Hey dearies, these blooming days and bouts of spring showers have got me reorganizing.

Although I’ve had to step back from a lot of my work, I’ve returned— though not at full throttle. I’m taking each day step by step and hoping that nothing hits the fan. I’m still steadily working on my current big project: Age of Sirene, but in the meantime, here are some other things you could be checking out!

I don’t want to juggle too many things at once.

That said, my ‘Newsletter’ is getting another overhaul. One, the plug-in I was using isn’t functioning properly. Two, I just thought this would be a good ‘filler’ post. Plus, my readers are more likely to click on this than the newsletter, I’ve observed.

So, on with the recap and more!

from the fanatic of things

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Eternals (Marvel)
Doom At Your Service

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from the poet

These days, I dream of you
In forms I don’t recognize.
However, I’m thankful,
Somewhere out there,
you still exist.
And that’s enough for me.

spring is in the air these blooming days

from the Department of Self-Preservation

If you didn’t already know, it is my intention to enable access to works in progress only to my Patrons from here on forward. Thoughts/Ideas that may pop into my head will count as ‘works-in-progress’ as well. So, newsletters will start to change to incorporate this.

You can join me on my journey for as low as $1 and stop at any given time. You get a closer look at what I’m currently working on with in-depth explanations from yours truly. More things are in the works as well to make the Patron experience unique from my usual stuff here on my website.

All things Age of Sirene.

You can find all things Age of Sirene related on my Patreon! Access to exclusive content like how Asena utilizes the Language of the Fae in her alchemy or a closer look at the magical system through her eyes.

from the History of the Spaces I create in

Here is a glimpse of the current setup of my (stationary) office where my blooming days continue to be made. I say glimpse as I am still working on a few things and will most likely finish around early May. I hope to be as “clutter” free as possible, only keeping the necessary things as well as objects that inspire or make me happy. An entire post will be written about it. Maybe even a video? Currently, I haven’t gotten into the mindset of returning to YouTube just yet.

I have tons of post-its everywhere though… Just a lot of to-dos and reminders!

Another addition is that I’ve started to minimize which makes it easier to work ‘mobile’. My lamp also faces up cause it’s blindingly bright.

When I’m ready, I’ll be compiling the full history of my workspace!

this was brought to you by my sheer will to work on a newsletter

often, we are consumed by worry.

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