Breaking my hiatus.

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I’m breaking my hiatus to finally write more about things and about life. I am unsteadily working on my Sirene Series, now officially titled “Age of Sirene”, as can be seen through my social media and primarily my Patreon Page. Other than this long light novel project, I’m also drawing and writing about the things that inspire me daily.

I keep a journal with me where I write things that pop into my head. It’s a Kerouac journal. I have set times where I sit down and write whatever.

Remember that time I tried to do it for YouTube? That was a lot of fun.

My plans after breaking my hiatus.

I’ve missed creating videos, but it’s not something I can readily return to while working on Age of Sirene (AoS). AoS takes so much of my brainpower these days that I like to disconnect from ‘work mode’ earlier than usual. Partly, I blame my Wacom. Lmao. Mostly, it’s tiring consumed by one project. While making videos is a different medium and project, editing is such a pain that I don’t want to juggle it.

Instead, I’ll softly return to writing on the blog starting with this.

Things to look forward to?

Things I’ve been working on.

I’ll be making ‘Novel Thought’ posts about these fanarts in the near future. Meanwhile, enjoy these shots of some of the drawings I’ve done. It’s really strange finding ‘love’ in art again.

If you didn’t know… Please read my IG pics/ post.

It was a battle.

It had consumed me for a long time before I could even talk about it. However, I’m still unsure what it was. The presence of that form of depression had really gone over my head. Nevertheless, I persist, as they say. Additionally, I’m more aware of myself and when I go through lulls (as if I wasn’t already hyper-aware).

Consequently, this event made me connect with Asena even more as I created her. My emotions are mostly a mystery to me these days, but I’m sure that I’m still a lot better off now than I was 7 years ago.

In the end, I welcome you to this renewed version of ‘me’. Regardless of my perspectives remaining unchanged for the most part, I hope to present open-minded thoughts from here on.

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