Mermay | May Artist Blog | Part 4 | Meditation and Silence

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When I feel the loud noise inside my head, sometimes I feel like a crazy person, and I retreat into a meditative silence— basically meditation.

The only way for me to quiet the noise is to drown it out. I have a few methods on how to exactly approach this. They’re not foolproof but I find them useful. Sometimes a combination of them all is a good solution to.

So, for the first method of meditation— sit down and take a breath.

This is a very simple thing to do. Nothing special. I feel it’s the most basic method of meditation. And I know that it is often ineffective especially to those of us who live very busy lives. The off switch on our brains can’t be triggered just by this. If you find that this is not useful, move on to method two.

After sitting down and taking a breath, make a point to listen to your breathing. Focus on the rise and falls of your chest. Put effort in breathing. Inhale and then exhale.

For a more interactive breathing exercise, try listening to the sounds surrounding you.

Let your mind and ears hone in on the world around you. If you’re feeling particularly agitated, take this moment to release thoughts. Say them out loud even. Listen to the voice coming out of your mouth. Remember to examine the rising and falling of your chest.

When you inhale, expand your chest. Feel the air run through you. Imagine air flowing from your nose to your veins, traveling through the intricate weaving of your veins. Feel it at your fingertips, your belly, and down to your toes. Release the air and repeat.

If you’re interested in meditating with me today, my video is just for that, a moment to which silence is dedicated to. I find that music, especially with repetitive lyrics, no lyrics, or even a song we know by heart can help kick start that first method.

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