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monthly thoughts

‘celebrating life’

February is a time to be proud of not only because of finishing Fabluary but because I learned quite a lot during this month.

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the bird song section

I will from time to time mention my comic project TBS and it will have its own designated section to highlight it. I created some things I haven’t yet shared so here are a couple highlighting the MC, Clara Walsh.

Sometimes this section is replaced by a different project or topic.

new pieces

This month there was no Creating Art Post because it’s really all been about Fabluary and there was no new obstacle to share! Pretty much still struggling with too many ideas and how to balance my workload.

Full Timelapse of Inktober Pieces:

Didn’t get to do a Creating Art Post this month since I didn’t have anything new to say. Lol But I did finish a video.

Red Girls Series

Despite the procrastination to create pieces for this art series, I am proceeding along albeit, again, slowly.

True to the theme of this newsletter, I’m celebrating 15 years of following a manga series called Skip Beat! To commemorate the progress of the show also, I created this painting.

Personal Projects

This is the blog portion of the newsletter. Often becomes long and will take up the first half of this portion but there’s nothing I have to say this month since I’m pretty much just on draw/writing script mode. I’ll be sure to catch you guys up with any updates to any WIPs when possible!

Social Accounts

Any new development on my social accounts will often go in this section.


Still working on a commission that I’ve been asked to do since end of last year. Fabluary has taken up a lot of my time end of January til now. I hope to catch up with personal and commission work during March!


I promote my Patreon a lot and that’s because most of my long blog posts are only accessible by patrons. Creating Art posts used to be seen by everyone. I also do The Bird Song (long) updates only on Patreon as well as other comic projects.

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