listening to georgiana. | chapter 1.1

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story by Philomena Anne | art by J.Adupe

author’s note

This author note is included in the actual pages of Listening to Georgiana and is written with the purpose of a short letter.

It took a long and painful decade. Before Georgiana there was Rheanne and with Rheanne there was England instead of France. There was an overbearing academy instead of a peaceful Maison. I grew with Georgiana and I hope that she’ll grow with every reader as well.

Flowers live a delicate life. We are all flowers in this world. We thrive best when we’re supported. It is my wish that Georgiana’s story becomes a means of support to you.

I had dreams of an older boy whose hands were larger than mine and an atypical gentle smile. Nothing stood out about him. He looked simple with basic jeans and a sweater. His dark brown hair resembled mine, uncolored and untreated. His eyes were a darker shade of brown. To me, he was my big brother.

In the dreams, I noticed, he’d cautiously walk over largely rounded roots of the tree planted in front of my house, his crisp and clean black trousers riding up. He resembled a marching one-man-band as he lifted his knee with a hand casually stuffed in his pocket. He was without an instrument though. All he had was upturned cheeks as he made his way up to the porch.

I waited for a while, sat on the red-bricked steps of my porch.

Acorns riddled my yard regardless of the season or so I vaguely remember. This time it might just be fall or winter but it was definitely around noon. The orange flowers, lined across our small white plastic fence, were open and facing west indicating the time of day.

I often enjoyed the site of the sun-kissed flowers.

He flexed his neck as he ran his hand behind it.

The gray walkway pavement was cracked by overgrown weeds. Yet, he missed every tiny yellow dandelion.

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update and outlinks

Listening to Georgiana is an old work I’ve been wondering how to publish (and have tried publishing multiple times, even here on my site before the crash). Since deciding to combine my art and writing, I’ve come to realize just how to bring my worlds together.

Only the dream chapters will be published on my website as this story is labeled ‘Mature’.

LtoG will be available as ‘2nd draft’ on Wattpad but the ‘3rd draft’ or final edit will be available at Tapastic. The difference between both is the ending. The Tapastic version has a clearer ending while keeping a promise for a sequel.

Both versions are available to the public!

As of right now, Tapas has Chapter 1.1 and 1.2 while Wattpad has two chapters up.

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