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To better tackle projects lined up, here are my expectations for the month of June.


Before I tackle the ins and outs of this new schedule, I’d like to recall the month of May and the accomplishments of that month.

The Month of Mermaids

Blog Posts.

Last month, I was able to produce blog posts for every Friday of the week because I had written them prior to the beginning of May. I wasn’t trying to catch up with stories like I am for this month. (I’ll get to this later.) Pretty much, posts were scheduled ahead of time to prevent delays. So in this regard, I’m happy that I was able to produce content for you to read.


If you didn’t already read my previous post about Mermay, feel free to click here and check out the 10 pieces I made!

I had a blast with the challenge and look forward to next year!


I don’t think I did all too well here but I was able to update my fanfiction Sink (A Dramione story). I would’ve loved to write a little bit more but much of my weekends went to hanging out with friends and family.

In that aspect, I wouldn’t change a thing!

That said, this month, I hope to get out at least the same amount as last time if not more. Here’s to hoping for more!


Onward to June!

This June, I have a lot of prepping to do and getting the business side of my art into gear- more so than before. Here’s a list of the goals I have for this month:

Blog Posts… including Patreon Posts.

I’m going to be more diligent in posting on my Patreon page like I am here. I will be posting Patron exclusive content and the tone of the posts from my website so there will be different. I do treat my website blog as a diary of sorts. Whereas, Patreon posts feel as if they should be more professional and provide Patrons with content that is deserved to be paid.

YouTube… Timelapses vs Artist Vlogs

My channel is undergoing a change in content as well. Instead of timelapses of drawings, I do more recollecting a body of work. I don’t show full timelapses anymore and therefore would like to reincorporate that into my Patreon page. This would include in-depth thoughts and strategies specific to the artwork. I don’t know when I’ll get to fully put this into effect but if this is content that you’re looking for, please become a Patron!

PDFs and other exclusive contents

I have plans to reward Patrons with other content that I wouldn’t otherwise provide anywhere else. I thought that maybe something like a PDF of an art book or a coloring book, things of that sort would be really cool. I’m working to compile such things and hope to get one done before the official launch (refer to calendar at the top).

Art art and more art.

I want to draw more. Simple as that. So, I am setting aside time for that like I had done last month. Back in May, I felt that I had given myself ample time to execute plenty of drawings- which I did. I was really ecstatic to have been able to complete 10 mermaids in the quality I was proud of. Ideally speaking, I would love June to have the same results or even better.

Dream big, right?

Which leads me to my next and last goal list.


I want to do something like newletters to update my followers here on my website, on my Facebook, Instagram- etc of all the projects I’m currently doing and what to expect. Essentially, it’s like a repeat of this post but also it’s a direct to email or direct to the eyes of the follower. In this way, I think I can get more people to see my work. And this is really where that business side of art comes into play. I’m still working on how I’m going to be executing this but it is a goal for this month. I even input it on the calendar.

Hopefully, I figure something out that I can test run by the end of the month.


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