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The month of December was a whirlwind of emotions and being bogged down by work separate that of my personal projects which has me focusing my December Thoughts on the incredible endurance I demonstrated.

Or so I’d like to praise myself… but in reality, I think I broke down more times than I can remember.

Around this time of year from December to the end of February, I’m often brought to my lowest of lows. As I’ve often talked about in my other posts here on my blog, the turning of a new age will often bring out memories I’ve thought I let go. This time is no different.

The beginning of December was full of negotiating and plans. And truth be told, it uplifted me to be a part of something bigger than my personal dreams and hardships. So, at the beginning, I was really happy… but the journey turned sour real quickly. I became sad by the work that I was happy with because that happiness hadn’t been pure.

Work isn’t fun. It’s work.

Not all work is fun.

And to me, most work isn’t fun… especially when the biggest driving force is money. I needed the commission more than I wanted it.

It was pretty amazing being able to finish it even with the heavy feeling I kept having. What exactly went through my mind that I was able to keep up with the work and also my personal projects? How was I able to rise above my demons?

Did I rise about them…

And will I be able to again?

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