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If you’re new to the blogs, this is my November Art Challenge themed with my novel Listening to Georgiana. You can find more information here: Georgiana Mendoza. The challenge I created for myself is to create four pieces centered around a character from the novel. I place them in their “usual” place eating or drinking their go-to food.

The particular piece today is that of the main character, Georgiana. I’ve gone and put her in a library because I felt that she spent many days lurking around the library in the story (as well as the hallways) though I never really say so. She is eating all kinds of chocolate treats because I’m like that. I love snacking especially anything that has chocolate in it.

I’m a choco addict. Lol

I also make it so that she’s eating without really using her hands while she reads. She’s not lady-like at all which I felt was a good subtle contrast to Abby’s piece. The process of this piece was a bit funny as it was starting to look like Raven from Teen Titans. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to ever not see that!

Dark Chocolate

The new girl was a hyped topic within the Maison everyone was curious to get to know— really they just wanted a piece of her personal story. Their motives were selfish, and she didn’t play into it.

Georgiana Mendoza was silence personified though in the inside she was a hurricane, a thunderstorm, and an earthquake of a mess. She was screaming inaudibly.

There was one person who saw through her or actually, she didn’t mind being seen by one Abigail “Abby” No Last Name— at least everyone else had no idea and neither did Georgiana.

For Georgiana, the Maison was her refuge. Though it was often loud with curiosity wafting around, it was still quieter than back home. There was peace in knowing she wasn’t surrounded by family and friends whose expectations of her caused her world to crumble in the first place.

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