Magic: Dyäaya ve Tho thykyanyngad

This has been written as a spin-off to Age of Sirene and includes information about the Lighting Tree Universe and the conlang, Tëyaθükyan, the language of the fae.

This is part of the Tëyaθükyan handbook.

Asena Spiros, the young genius, created this section.

(Magic with old languages)

Use of spells for magic has long since been a practice seldom done. However, non-magical users (dyäayat) find spells to be useful conduits for the little mana they may possess.

Alongside spells, tools able to channel mana have also been popular as conduits for dyäayatad. 

Possible Conduits

Melee Weapon

Most use languages of the old as it can be delivered quicker and more precisely. Use of Dadadyan is possible but not as often used. Each region in the Echerus Empire have an old language they prefer while the Lucian Temples in the empire allow Seeds to learn any and all languages they choose.

Conduits apart from spells can be expensive. Most students taught under the tutelage of Asena are given gems depending on their level of ability in accordance to their mana.

Gems are Solum-made and are the newest form of conduit. The grade of gems are levelled from dyet nau äto, but äto gems are difficult to find as no Solum are capable of creating such high-grade gems.

History Note: Dame Asena Spiros is noted to be the first Solum to ever reach äto-grade gems which were given to the Damyanov Knights, her students, and later to the Combatants and Comitibus before dying. She (along with Lady Denica Damyanov) also worked on the weapons and armor that are now used as base designs of all other countries. 

Most magic users have no need for conduits unless in a battle or labor-intensive activity. Gems and spells make tedious work easier.

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How Does Alchemy play into Dyäaya?

The theoretical practice of alchemy takes into consideration the known facts about magic, ie. Solum can press earth and alchemy can manipulate the pressed earth into a gem. They come up with an idea, research it, and may present it to a magic-user.

In the Sun Valley Conservatory (SVC), this is often the case in any study made. Outside of the Conservatory, other academies that’ve attempted in teaching alchemy create teams.

The Empire owns one magic tower located in the Capital with the main purpose of researching while SVC has about four known magic towers with a similar purpose.

There are roughly around eight major merchant companies with their own R&D team and these merchants are associated with a few nobles. There are only two major merchant companies unrelated to the empire, these are the Alcidone Company head by the Imíoth Family, located in a small country in the north, and the Maidoctyn Trade Company built by the common family Korai.

Merchant Companies by Region

Hila SarkaiHornswaggleGul MakaiKarkhoroz
KharitonovDe La RuineSalagunaSparghä
Lilovl’AnseSiugmägi Skyla

The Capital is located in the South and relies mostly on the imported goods of the North and West regions. These regions are part of the Damyanov Dukedom and Marquisette, respectively.

These companies are one of the best ones to work with when learning in alchemy as they are able to support most research that an alchemist would want.

Over the course of history, the natural use of magic has become a daily use (for those able to use them) while alchemy fills in the gaps (for those who aren’t able to use magic). With alchemy, the Echerus Empire is by far the most developed country in the Lighting World.

History Note: Other countries to this day are still trying to catch up despite the Maurtnam Outbreak in the Empire centuries ago. That is how advanced they are in comparison.

The only drawback with alchemy as already said before is that it requires magic to be used. But once an item or product has been made, various users may simply turn on a switch that activates the imbued magic.

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Modern Magic Usage


  1. Transportation is powered through magic and technology. Because not everyone is able to practice alchemy and utilise magic circles, the age of modern transportation is still at its early stage (production is stalled). Training is required as well as a high-level of mana or high-intellectual, able to use their low-mana smartly. The magic circles are not restricted to the creator. With use of a command area, a person can use their magic as fuel for the magic circle that is pre-transcribed for a specific task. 
    1. Only in an Ignis country is modern transportation run using coal aside from planes which are powered by powerful fire magic or very intricate alchemy/smithing— there is no record of these yet. (Think Japan before they opened up to the Western world.)
    2. The Lucian Temple only uses single-cart trains and carriages as their means of transportation that are powered by alchemy and magic. Otherwise, they use Unda-boats (floats without magic) and ride-on animals.
  2. Their neighbouring countries use less developed versions since Alchemy was further developed in the Echerus Empire.
*Important* Magic circles can be broken which is why it is important that the user must know and understand how it works. *Important*
  1. Train: With the use of interconnecting magic circles to create tracks and Solum magic, a train can travel from one destination to another with the ability of a conductor.
    1. There are usually 2 to 3 conductors per train for long trains. 1 if there is only one or two carts.
  2. Planes: Created from steel, planes are forged with magic circles that an Anima pilot can control and use as turbines. 
History Note: The first of its kind was created back in Wing’s time. It was equipped with a carriage that was used by Nou for her 72-day journey.
  1. Cars: Like a train and plane, cars are crafted by alchemists and have magic circles within their construct. This enables it to run with magic. If one is able to, they can feed it with their magic- can run with earth, wind, water, or fire. But if they are unable to, one can always employ one. Only the wealthiest of people own cars.
  2. Carriages: Less magical than the other three, carriages are pulled by your choice of animal. It is enforced with protective magic that keeps it from breaking too quickly. It’s the most rudimentary magical transport apart from the traditional Unda boats.
  3. Ships: Equipped with magic circles that act like engines. It is managed by many as steel is heavy. Most Undas become doctors and therefore, they do not get jobs into the transportation industry.


  1. Cell Phones/ Telephones are created by alchemists. They are one of the few technologies perfected by the use of a reusable magical circle. The creation of phones predates magical transportation. The amount of magic needed is less than transportation which enables most people to use phones. One just needs a small accessory that can be transmuted into a phone. Ie. A bracelet with a gem (the purer the better) can be transcribed with a magical circle and a holographic image will pop up. For a weaker magic circle, only the voices are carried from one device to another. There are only two companies creating them currently in the Empire and require upkeep.
    1. Towers were created to help these magical devices work constantly. The towers are maintained by either alchemists or other scholars dedicated to the study of magic and technology.
    2. Asena’s Magique Vambraces were inspired by this. Since the vambraces are equipped with mechanisms that create the magic circle she needs, she can easily hi-jack the ley lines the companies use for their phones.

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