Alchemy, the new science

This has been written as a spin-off to Age of Sirene and includes information about the Lighting Tree Universe and the conlang, Tëyaθükyan, the language of the fae.

This is part of the Tëyaθükyan handbook.

Asena Spiros, the young genius, created this section.

Alchemy with Tëyaθükyan

Alchemy is the study and philosophy of how to change basic substances into other substances; a magical process of transformation, creation, or combination.

The first Alchemist and creator is Dim of Ignis (Year 500-600 AM) who passed it down to two disciples, one of which is known to be Gärd Typ of Ignis. He went on to create the Sun Valley Conservatory in his lifetime which has since passed down from generation to generation, meant to teach any and all vyrs willing to learn.

Alchemy is studied not only by those capable of practicing the small science but also by scholars who wish to know more about it and its abilities alongside magic. Dag robh is welcome to study alchemy, especially those who have already mastered their magic and/ or chosen careers. 

PhD holders in medicine will often study alchemy to expand their abilities in infusing medicine with magic. This is also true for anyone who wants to work with modern technological advancements. The higher the class (social standing) of an individual, the more accessible alchemy becomes.

Non-magic users are also welcome and are more likely to offer new ideas since they do not rely on magic for their daily life. However, it is important to take note that most non-magic persons are of a lower class. It is very rare that a non-magic user is from a noble family and not married off for their carrier genes. They are a rare breed.

They will often become educators of the science. 

Dim of Ignis is such one person, who did not have ample mana. His descendants are much the same. Currently, the Director of Sun Valley Conservatory, Nina Dimdottír, is registered as non-magical in the empire as well as in the Lucius Temple.

Note about magic: Non-magic users are called different per country/ kingdom. The Echerus Empire, as the only empire in the world, lead in the development of science, language, and technology. Therefore, most countries have taken their terms as a basis for their own.

Non-Magical Terms

CommonNon-Magic User
Lucius TempleDyäayat
Offensive: Nerthämatvyr  (loosely means unloved one)
Echerus EmpireNortherners – Dyäayat Southerners/ Westerners – Sindyäya Capital/ Easterners – Mabat
Derogatory: Ytvyaun (Literally means Little Poison)
Others: Ammokuk (Unskilled) Goddan (Idiot)
Derogatory: Ytvyaun
Ruthbah (Not Official)Most Common: Dag Robhaun
Others: Vyrat Sireneat

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Understanding Alchemy

The 7 Laws of Alchemy

MentalismThe All is mind; the Universe is mental.
CorrespondenceCorrespondence – As above, so below, as below, so above.
VibrationNothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates.
PolarityEverything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites.
RhythmThe pendulum swing manifests in everything; the measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left; rhythm compensates.
Cause & EffectEvery Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause.
GenderGender is in everything; everything has its Masculine and Feminine Principles; Gender manifests on all planes.

Transmutation: To change, transform or convert one thing to another, or from one state or form to another.

  1. Can be done by any and all even if their mana is abysmally low.

Transfiguration: To change one’s appearance on a molecular level. Metamorphosis.

  1. Transfiguration can only be done with a certain understanding of one’s magic.
  2. All who possess light and/or dark magic can transfigure to the degree of their mana level.

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Learning Alchemy

Learning alchemy begins with understanding the laws of the small science to prevent any mana-misalignment (Cultivation Misalignment or World-to-Man Magic Misalignment (WM3)). 

Note on magic: 

  1. Cultivation Misalignment happens when someone either cultivates too much mana into their body without properly preparing their body or cultivating too much mana that the body becomes stressed.
  2. World-to-Man Magic Misalignment (WM3) happens when a person is not compatible with the world. Their body cannot handle the constant travel of energy in the air. This is sometimes the cause of heart attacks and/or other respiratory disorders (lung cancer), most gastrointestinal complications can be attributed to this as well as food has magical energy as well, and allergies.
    1. Respiratory disorders are often attributed to the Ignis. More Anima-healers are needed as they are less prone to this.

Any student or practitioner is advised to learn and understand their compatibility with their magic. Though the Echerus Empire provides a measurement of magical abilities, it is still highly important that the individual understand their capability outside of numbers.

Mana Measuring Methods

  1. Seeds are measured using an opaque gem or crystal found nearest the core. 
    1. Method: They must place their hand on the orb and infuse it with light magic. Usually, this will take a while (days to months) as not many are talented in infusion. Once done, a Seed will be ranked from 1 to 10, 1 being lowest mana possible to 10 being the highest. No Seed is ever a non-magic user.
    2. Magical Item: This crystal orb is capable of being cleansed or purified. This means that the magic placed inside the orb dissipates back into the world. This crystal is used throughout the Lucian Temples and smaller amounts are distributed to Seeds as a way to give back their blessing when not near a temple. Seeds living outside of the temple will usually have a necklace or bracelet of this crystal as a way to maintain and check their compatibility.
  2. Non-Seed are measured by 4 different methods in the Echerus Empire.
  3. Solum: The level of mana for Solum are measured by how much earth they can carry. The more solid and heavier the weight of the earth, the higher their mana level. Most Solum can only carry a one ton boulder a day. The weakest Solum can transport at most 10lbs a week. 
History Note: Asena can carry 5 tons before the infection, 10x after
  1. Anima: 
  2. Unda: Traditionally, they are not measured, but the Empire normalized mana-measurement. Undas will usually measure theirs by filling a cup. If one can move the water from and back to the cup, they are usually high-leveled. And depending on how much water is kept, the higher their level. The lowest recorded is someone who could only move a drop, but they moved it from one cup to another so that it didn’t matter that they were low-leveled. 
History Note: Elio Echerus has the lowest water-mana to date, but has the highest IQ. Evren Spiros can manipulate a large lake before her ascension as Elder Unda.
  1. Ignis: Most Ignis are equal in mana. It is in their usage of fire that differs. They are usually labeled as high-mana if they can create fire from the tips of their fingers, which is most of them. It is through control that they are ranked.

It is advisable to have a partner if one has a genetic mutation that may hinder their magical abilities or make the practice of alchemy dangerous.

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Equivalent Exchange

Equivalent exchange is the notion that the alchemist must give equal the amount they create. For instance, transmuting 5mg clay into a small golem requires the alchemist to use around 5mg of their mana. (The measurement of mana is relevant per vyr.)

On the other hand, Seeds are capable of bypassing equivalent exchange. While they are the predominant practitioner of alchemy, it is unknown why they are able to do this. It is theorised that the use of light magic is so great a power that it covers any necessary “payment”. While others believe life itself is the price of alchemy.

Only those with significantly large amounts of mana can successfully transmute or transfigure without consequential strain on the body. Because magic is what gives a person life, generally, using too much of it can result in death or a decrease in lifespan. Rather than an alchemical law, it is more to do with the nature of magic.

Short note on dyäaya:

‘Ruth’ is the blessing every Solum, Unda, Anima, and Ignis are blessed with; it is what is called life. The world was created in magic and lives with magic eternally. Though varying in amount, all of Ruth Nabahau deti are magical by birth.

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Alchemical Levels of Use

Comprehension – Understanding the inherent structure and properties of the atomic or molecular makeup of a particular material to be transmuted, including the flow and balance of potential and kinetic energy within.

Deconstruction – Using energy to break down the physical structure of the identified material into a more malleable state so as to be easily reshaped into a new form.

Reconstruction – Continuing the flow of energy so as to reform the material into a new shape.

The proper application of this craft requires not only a full understanding of chemistry and ancient alchemical theory but also a sort of natural talent towards recognising and manipulating the physical objects with energy, which require uncommon levels of intelligence and aptitude. Those remarkable individuals capable of studying and practicing alchemy are known as “Alchemists”.

Imbuement – The ability to store magic into an object without need of any other understanding in the construction of the object being used. Full control of mana is necessary to be able to imbue magic into anything. This is the most common alchemy used.

Examples of everyday-use objects made from imbueing.

  • Millegen are the first version of communication devices like cell phones and tablets
  • Miliavert is the larger scale communication devices like megaphones and television

Channeling – Channeling is a common alchemical ability that most people can practice. The use of stones, gems, and crystals, etc. opened a list of new magical skills that is often dictated by a person’s mana level. The mediums can hold magic in lieu of the person. And depending on the purity of the mediums, the magic they hold differs in power. 

Geminus and Ters were recently discovered to be able to channel not only from inanimate objects but directly from people. They can channel light and dark magic without repercussions depending on the amount of mana they draw. Technically, they can deplete mana that is twice their capability, but it can lead to cultivation misalignment, causing their bodies to overload in the process. 

Alchemy Careers

TypicalAlchemist Teacher/ Professor Combatant (Knight/ Warrior/ Gärd) Researcher and Developer (for SVC)
Heavy WorkCreating ephemeral golems (Solum)
Gem-maker: Solum-made gems by magically compressing earth.
Magical CareersEngineer/ Architect/ Etc: Magical architectural design (done mostly by Solum and Ignis).
Weapon makers: Smithing weapons (done only by Solum and Ignis)
Designer/Seamstress/Etc: Infuse magic into weapons or clothes; also ephemeral. Needs constant care.
MedicineMDs (usually only Unda are doctors, some with PhDs are other type of doctors)
Example: Dr. Arthur Vilar is an Ignis, but practices surgical oncology without use of magic. Infused magic into medicine (usually done only by Unda and Seeds)

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