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July was a particularly long month this year compared to other years even without Camp NaNo and writing out the first draft of AoS Book 2. That’s because I also had to juggle therapy, acclimating to my anti-depressant, and managing the missing emotions from the loss of family. Many things happened, but I remained the same.

I truly struggled to get the words out this time around in comparison with the first book. Maybe it’s because I had to write in points of view with more emotion than I had. There are different ways I can interpret the struggle. Regardless, I was able to finish and that’s all that matters.

Twenty chapters and over 20,000 words later, Age of Sirene Season 1 The Blue Robin Book 2 Haerford is underway. (That’s a mouthful.)

I’m glad to have survived the past month and finished Camp NaNo. Honestly, that’s all I can really ask for. I don’t expect to have written some kind of masterpiece, but that’s what editing is for. Plus, we have to celebrate the little victories and not dwell too long on the big losses. We cannot idly regret it. Instead, I’ve decided to push forward, no matter what it is.

I still lack feelings and attachments which scare my therapist, but when I’m writing or reading, pouring all my mind and intention into my work, I forget about the things missing.

And I am alive in the work that I create.

Back to drawing now.

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