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Hey dearies, I’m going to be going on a hiatus with writing blog posts. I’m currently focused on creating content regarding my Sirene Series which is done over at my Patreon Page. There, I talk about my story in depth– the development process, character design, story-building, and world-building– which gives me little to talk about here on my blog.

I try to talk about my mental health here on my blog a lot, but because it hasn’t changed any since my last post (not the diary ones), it leaves me little to reflect on. The entire point of my blogs is for retrospection. When there is nothing to look into even by a small amount, I find that writing blogs becomes difficult.

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New Things Despite the Hiatus

the blue robin sirene series temporary banner

Sirene Series; Season 1 The Blue Bird content is available

I set up a portfolio gallery that you’re free to check out if you’d like. Anything story-related can be found on my Patreon Page for the time being.

The projected publishing date is next year around January or February. That’s my ideal time to publish on Tapas. For the time being, I have the finished book: Listening to Georgiana and also Short Ramblings (from the same universe as LtoG) that you can read.

Fanfiction; The Tale of Juniper

I’m currently chipping away at an old Harry Potter fanfiction to get my mind off work things when not working on said stuff. I’ve tried to write this story many times already and failed each time. But since the method of disconnecting myself from the story worked so well for LtoG and Sirene Series, I tried to do the same for ToJ. I’ve since written more than 80 chapters of this long saga about a young teen witch and her siblings.

I plan to release the story later when I feel comfortable letting others see it. Mostly, I wanted to write it to find out the ending. I’ve wanted to know it for so long. It’s time to find out!

The cover was done for a Discontinued Version on Wattpad if you’d like to check out my really bad writing.

I love the cover though. So well done.

PS. I really really really love floral and fauna analogies especially things to do with bluebirds. Asena, Juniper, and Clara all allude to birds because birds, I think, are the greatest symbols of freedom. These three are also different aspects of what that freedom COULD mean. Meanwhile, Georgiana, Asha (Through the Rabbit Hole), and Laverne (Between Crossings- postponed writing this last year) are all related to flowers because to me, flowers are fragile things that with just a touch can be tainted. The fragility in the three’s stories is something that I really wanted to write about. Just, you know, things I think about when I create my stories and characters.

PPS. Chronicle of a Death Foretold, a novella by Gabriel García Márquez, is one of my favorite literary works where floral names and other symbols are used extensively. You should check it out if you’ve not read it before.

PPPS. The link to the book is an affiliates link to Amazon- so I do make a ‘commission’ if you decide to purchase using it at no extra cost to you. ♥️


  1. Your talents continue to emerge!

    1. Thank you very much for saying so! I feel like I’m really enjoying this new path I’m taking more and more the longer I’m in it. 😁

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