someone to you zine; the making

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I finished Someone to You, my very first zine. Am I over-promoting my zine? But another part of me thinks I haven’t promoted enough. lol.

How I made Someone to You.

I was working on Un•Conscious zine when I got distracted by the drawing of the cover for LtoG (which by the way is done now) and was inspired to put into a collection the poems I had written to myself. They’re mostly letters for future me to read about younger me— A kind of statement to remind myself of what I’d gone through.

I’m so much different from even just half a year ago that it was a habit of mine to write a letter every year I got older after turning 24. This was a significant time for me because when I was younger, I could never see myself getting past that age. Now, I can even see myself growing even older, sitting in front of a journal, computer, or whatever writing tool I have access to and writing my life away. It sounds almost pessimistic, but I actually look forward to a peaceful aging.

Currently though, I haven’t found much inspiration about my life to write about. Refer to my “Boredom” post for more about why that is.

Which may make you question the content for Un•Conscious.

I plan for Un•Conscious to have more long-form poetry and proses in comparison to StY just because there’s so much I have planned for it. Art-wise, it’ll be a bit of a departure from what I normally draw. I’ve already started drawing for it based on sketches I did prior. Whereas StY was purely self-stuff, self-portraits almost.

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