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As many of you know from my newsletter, I have returned to Patreon this month. This explains the lack of posts on the blog. I’m trying to divide content that I make from mundane, but long conversations for my blog to quick updates with a few sneak peeks to my projects for my Patrons.

I cannot be thankful enough to those who find my work worth looking at whether by subscribing to my newsletter, joining me on Patreon, or following me here, Instagram, or Facebook especially when I haven’t been so active on the last two. (And honestly, I don’t miss it much.) I’m enjoying writing and telling you dears stories about my journey.

I feel as though I’ve become even more honest in the last three months, and less stressed in the last six.

So if I could promote myself a bit.

Join me on Patreon. Please?

If my writings, here on my website, is any indicator of what I write on my Patreon, it’s that I love to talk about what goes on in my head. On Patreon, I dive into the projects I’m currently focused on with the exception of Listening to Georgiana which I have made public.

I am currently focused on my zine Someone to You. It is a poetry and art book about my life and how I see myself. Even though it sounds personalized, I promise that it’s relatable and again. You wouldn’t be hard-pressed to know that I wrote about my depression, anxiety, and the self-loathing I once deeply felt. I have also created a number of sketches/ drawings to coincide with my writing.

If you’re interested in seeing how this project is going along you can do so with just $1 a month! And I would appreciate it so dearly if you did.

And if you’re feeling a bit adventurous, with an added $2, you’ll have access to a few more exclusive rewards. For example, the PDF version of Someone to You. Any zine made at any given time in the past will be made available to Dearie Patrons by the way. Also, the coloring books/ pages I used to offer before taking my hiatus.

Other Updates

I have also since started sharing other sketches unrelated to StY Zine like sketches and writings delving deeper into my new project. Since LtoG is coming to an end this May 20, I’ve been wracking my mind for my next big thing. Or more like trying not to tackle too many things at once. I don’t want to repeat my mistakes and end up overwhelming myself instead.

Aside from working day in and day out on a particular children’s book commission, I really am not working on anything big. Even though this commission takes a large chunk of me, I feel that it would be good to work on something on the side. This way, I won’t be putting all my eggs in one basket, so to speak. And I won’t end up draining my creativity as well by letting my brain explore outside of that commission.

photo by Madison Inouye

More on this new thing later though. For now, this has been JuneSketches reporting from the Department of Advertisements.

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