Lullabies for Georgiana – A New Endeavor

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As if I wasn’t juggling catching up to work, there’s also this new project that I’m happy to announce: Lullabies for Georgiana.

You might be thinking, “Georgiana?” Yes, that Georgie.

I recently published all the short stories I have, which were spin-offs and drafts relating to the novel Listening to Georgiana. It’s crazy to think that I’m able to finally share so much of LtoG with all of you! And it’s exciting for me with each step I take. It almost feels like a burden has been lifted every time.

Each and every one of the stories, the point of views I’ve shared so far are very dear to my heart. It’s lovely to see that the audience for this personal project, personal endeavor of mine is increasing.

I’ve buried myself in Georgiana’s story— my journey— for such a long time. Listening to Georgiana inches closer to being published in full with 3.5 chapters left to go in Tapas. I’m finally closing off a very long chapter in my life. Well, only to start a wonderful new one.

Lullabies for Georgiana is a comic spin-off of LtoG recollecting dreams and memories of my childhood. These are things that led to LtoG. Some of the stories were touched on in the novel but elaborated within the comics.

The plan is to post on Sundays but mostly, I plan to do it as often as I can or whenever possible. The creation of the chapters are semi-real-time. I’m only ahead by some chapters so far.

Hopefully, you guys come along this journey with me as well!

Currently there is no launch date.

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