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monthly thoughts


Sunny and summer days are indicative details for my seasonal depression.

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This is Georgiana!

I’ve been getting to a lot of Georgiana related art, so I’d like to share some posts that were made in ‘celebration’ of this.

The novel on Tapas is also now up to Chapter 6. Please support my work by reading!
I’m still working on a downloadable PDF/EBook copy for those who don’t want to create a Tapas account.

new pieces

This section is reserved for new artwork I’ve finished.

Personal Projects

This summer has been a tough one with being in quarantine, the pandemic, and just the fact that its summer. The California heat has gotten to me in extremity, I think. I’m feeling lethargic most of the day and can’t push myself to work anything. It’s kind of bumming me out.

Summer is often a large hurdle for me and I think as I grow older, I feel even less inclined to ‘enjoy’ it. What is summer to you?


expected release month: October

Lullabies for Georgie

My new project: Lullabies for Georgie is a collection of short comics with events happening before LtoG. It’s a prequel, so to speak.


Georgiana Mendoza has known the feeling of loneliness right from birth and she remembers it well. To cope with emptiness, she created within herself a world to retreat to where dreams and wishes came true. Unfortunately, in this world she was desperate to call home, there were also nightmares.

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