A Georgiana Short Story Collection

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Throwing out an update for this sort-of midweek of August to celebrate the completion of the compilation of Georgiana Short Stories. Entitled Short Ramblings (of Those in Waiting), this collection touches on stories from Listening to Georgiana as well as a great prelude to the second book I have been writing in my spare time.

Short Ramblings is a collection of writings I did throughout the creation of Listening to Georgiana.

Currently, Short Ramblings is only available on Tapas. All the stories and art work corresponding to them are there for your eyes to feast on.

If you like my art or my writing, or even both! Please check out them out.

Stories like from my Huevember/Nomvember/NaNoWriMo Project from 2018 are also available in Short Ramblings.

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