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I relished the cool air against my face as we strolled around Holbrook Park, hands intertwined and swinging. Everything around me was dancing like they did so many years ago. The trees were all full of color, dark and bright greens, both.

Taking note of colors, I noticed my light blue t-shirt and knee-length peach skirt. I noticed the closed-toed round heals as each step was lighter than the next despite being clumsy on a regular day. I engraved his green eyes into my memory. They’d been brown before but today, they were green. He grinned white. He whispered something in my ear and it felt yellow. He wore a comfy light gray long sleeve and dark pants. He looked scruffier than I last remembered.

“What are we doing today?”

His lips touched my hair as he whispered, “here to meet your brother.”

Our hands slip apart. Two men stood before me, one I’d sat with on the porch countless times and the other, well… I sat on the porch with him too. They looked alike but also drastically different.

Gabriel—He had striking dark brown eyes and a clean-shaven face. He didn’t wear skinny jeans or long sleeves but he wore fuzzy sweaters and neatly ironed slacks.

“I’m going away,” Gabriel took a step forward. “I might not come back.”

I turned to the other guy.

“I’m here to stay; don’t worry.”

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