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monthly thoughts

‘spring months’

May has long ended and now June is just about through. Spring was here and summer is coming soon.

listening to georgiana.

For May, I dedicated a portion of the Mermay Art Challenge to Listening to Georgiana, focusing on female characters that play important roles to Georgie’s journey.

My instagram have their full stories for you to read if you’re interested!

Personal Projects

This is the blog portion of the newsletter. Often becomes long and will take up the first half of this portion.

Social Accounts

Any new development on my social accounts will often go in this section.


If I finish any commissions, I will usually share them here or have a link to a designated post.


I promote my Patreon a lot and that’s because most of my long blog posts are only accessible by patrons. Creating Art posts used to be seen by everyone.

Pantone Mermay Line Up

    june captures her adventures

    Have you seen my latest adventures? I’ve done a few new things this month.

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