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He followed me across an art studio, his brown eyes narrowed together. His hands were stuffed into the pocket of his slim fit dark gray slacks. As he took each step, his neatly tucked in pale blue shirt would crease. I noticed his velvety black shoes and laces.

“Did you need something?” I finally asked him, still staring down on the scuffs of his overly-fancy black shoes.

His shoulder tilted slightly before he proceeded to follow me.

“Seriously, stop. I don’t need you hovering over me. I’m just going out for a breather!” I slammed my palm flat on a wooden table. Oh boy, did I regret that. I winced and clenched my hand into a fist.

I saw him inch closer from the corner of my eyes.

He took my hand and started to massage it. He had beautifully polished nails for a guy. His brown hair was a lot less shaggy than I remembered. I supposed, everything about him today looked pristine. It was a bit annoying, truth be told, which was why I needed to get away.

“Stop it.” I winced when he pressed on a pressure point. “Are you listening? Just lay off, okay!”

Lilly stumbled into the room, laughing, barely able to catch her fall with the door’s handle. Her smile faded as she caught my eyes.

“What happened?” She clicked her tongue.

I shook my head. “Nothing. Really.”

She certainly was not convinced but nodded her head anyway. She jabbed a thumb towards the other room. “Your family’s looking for you.”

Finally, he released my hand. He gave me a small smile and leaned back. I took it as a sign that I could leave. I followed Lilly out the door and again, I’m awake.

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It is free to read on Tapas! I am also working on making the book into a purchasable PDF which will include some art that’s relative to the story.

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