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When I decided to sync my Patreon posts with WordPress, I accidentally emailed out new old posts from my Patreon Page creating false links to posts this past Friday, June 12. I’m sorry if you were suddenly flooded with these emails as I did. There was certainly a lot of deleting and cleaning up but I wanted to also send a formal apology for the spam it caused.

I’m currently occupied by a long term project that’s certainly draining me of energy, both mentally and physically. Certainly, it is tipped more on the mental part considering my issues.

That aside, I wanted to give a quick update on how things are doing for me since I haven’t sent out a Newsletter for last month or finished up my Mermay 2020. Finishing up Mermay includes a couple more blogs and vlogs.

Super glad that June is like a rest month for mainstream art challenges.

I plan to definitely get those all out once I have finished my long to-do list… my many long to-do lists, really. Waiting to get them all settled before picking up something new. I, as always, am very thankful for your patience and continued support in reading my writings & following my growth. It continues to be an interesting continuous introspection.

Other news aside from false posts.

Aside from the false posts, some other things that I would like to quickly plug. Listening to Georgiana. updates Mondays and Thursday (usually) now because I want to finish publishing the novel on Tapas so I can dedicate more time on the second book. I also took down Lady Eliana because I want to revise my publishing of the light novel- just some here and there things as well as wanting to finish the first ‘book’ before publishing it.

This also means, The Bird Song will be taking a definite back seat but this does also gave me the perspective that I’ve been tackling too many projects. I need to stop spreading myself thin. It’s very taxing.

Hopefully, I can give a more in-depth breakdown of how things will play out when my busy somethings settle down.

Until next time!

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