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I thought I would go ahead and make a quarantine art update post specifically discussing current events and art. I’ve been working quite a lot during this forced break on the people of the world, this quarantine to lower any more casualties.

Yes, I did just say casualties- for emphasis more than anything else.

Anyway, work has been an amalgamation of drawing, painting, typing, and crossing out things from the never-ending to-do list. Am I tired? I think I’m physically at a point of reaching being tired. Mentally, I feel mellow and life continues on for me without that big of a hitch.

As you know, I already work from home.

The only thing that really changed is how I procure grocery. Otherwise, I am happy to report a good bill of health for myself and my family so far.

I hope that you are doing well during such a trying time. I know how difficult it’s been for others and I’ve heard accounts of tragedies during the past month.

April hasn’t started well but honestly, 2020 hasn’t started well for the world.

I wish only the best for everyone and that we remain kind and understanding.

So, to calm the nerves, I implore everyone’s curious and anxious minds to take a break when you can. Take a breather. Take a moment of stress and make it calm.

In my case, I created a video that might be nice to listen to.

I decided to do a calming video, more for myself but also if you’re interested, it is a reading of the first sub-chapter of Listening to Georgiana. It reminds me of the video where I read poetry. It was a lot of fun- both times.

I hope you guys find it as calming as I did when I was making it.

read Listening to Georgiana on Tapas


Here is the current collection of art dedicated to the current events featuring my current main ladies. Hence the ‘quarantine art update’. I feel slightly icky trying to use the word ‘quarantine’ as an SEO but I really did make this post to make an update on what is currently happening with me. A not scheduled post from a month ago but truly a current happening…

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