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I didn’t go straight home like usual. So when I spotted him in his unbuttoned oxford jean shirt over a plain white tee, rubbing his hands together and blowing warm breaths on them, I looked at him sympathetically. I trudged forward, hunched over. I watched as he greeted me with lips pressed together and head tilted.

My expression didn’t look all too good as he reflected it right back. Naturally, I took the seat beside him. We sat on the steps of my porch, staring at the setting sun.

“Why don’t you wear your jacket?” I turned to the article resting on the top step.

He shrugged and picked it up. I felt it wrap around me. “It’s okay,” he exhaled. I choked a squeal—it was an audible sigh that I hadn’t meant to make. He turned to me and I could feel his eyes boring a hole right through me. “It’s okay that you like him,” he gestured towards Robert, who I hadn’t seen standing on the sidewalk. Robby was just idly standing, looking right at us.

Then I knew, the wind, no matter how strongly I felt it or loudly I heard, wasn’t real. I waved my hand over the image of Robert.

“Stop it,” I mumbled, but there was no one there to listen. I was alone.

In the dreams I often had, this boy with a gentle touch and cautious steps always listened to what I had to say. No matter how ridiculous my problems became, or how childish I sounded, he never failed to listen to every word. He took them all with full sincerity. In return, I kept dreaming.

But everyone, no matter who will leave in the end.

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All of Chapter 2 is up. I will be taking a break during April to catch up on edits and personal projects. I hope to return on the first Thursday of May!

Listening to Georgiana is an old work I’ve been wondering how to publish (and have tried publishing multiple times, even here on my site before the crash). Since deciding to combine my art and writing, I’ve come to realize just how to bring my worlds together.

Only the dream chapters will be published on my website as this story is labeled ‘Mature’.

LtoG will be available as ‘2nd draft’ on Wattpad but the ‘3rd draft’ or final edit will be available at Tapastic. The difference between both is the ending. The Tapastic version has a clearer ending while keeping a promise for a sequel.

Both versions are available to the public!

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