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Here is a quick update post! Aside from my recently posted Creating Arts post (exclusive to Patrons), I thought I’ve been really dropping the ball on writing updates.

Basically, the past month has been a rollercoaster for me in regards to energy. Compared to last year, the beginning of the year was not as constructive as I had wanted. Regardless, I’m still pretty proud of the things that I accomplished. I’ve learned a lot from last month.

I believe my art has improved in that short time span.

I’ve produced quite a number of pieces that I believe are building blocks to my ultimate goal. If there was more to say, I would. But basically, that was it.

I’ll be sure to soon post my Monthly Newsletter while desperately trying to catch up with my video uploads.

If you like my work- writing and art, please consider supporting by becoming a Patron. I’m soon going to release a PDF of sketches and notes about The Bird Song Comic for my Bloomer tier. I also share Hi-Res copies of finished pieces accessible to everyone (including young dearie ‘tier’.)

A quick reminder that I update my novel Listening to Georgiana on a weekly basis on Tapas. Be sure to check out my novel if you’re interested. I’ve been focused on creating art for it so that I can hype it up lol. I’m really attached to Georgiana so…

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