monthly thoughts | october foes and woes

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monthly thoughts

‘october foes and woes’

It’s that time of that month again where I recap the events and the art I was able to create in this monthly thoughts. Thanks for joining in on this journey. Let’s get to it.

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my monthly thoughts

the month of october was certainly filled with all sorts of adventures, mishaps, and obstacles i had to overcome from personal to artistic ventures.

this month, i took some time out to explore to increase my experiences. as one of my accomplished goals: i walked and exercised throughout the month though not as regularly as i had hoped.

though i was unable to create the 31 pieces for inktober, i am proud to showcase the 9 15 that i did. plus, i am also including updates on my comic journey as well as improvements i’ve made through the month.

keeping up with my instagram feed has also been pretty difficult but i try to stay on top of it. i suppose it was a lot easier this time around thanks to inktober. black and white editing can be tough but not as difficult as trying to maintain a color scheme.

no video to embed for this newsletter but I will make an update post when my Inktober video is available! Thank you for your understanding and patience. 💕

goals and expectations

the bird song

this month, i spent quite some time practicing and learning more about the male anatomy after finding out through inktober how lacking i am in that department. along with sketches, i’ve also established character designs for characters that will be appearing in the first volume i am drafting. these character sheets are currently only available to the blossom tier of my Patreon.

for other tbs content, you can check out my inktober gallery for 2019 down below.

Updates from October

inktober pieces

This section is reserved for my inktober pieces for the year of 2019

my creative bank account is filled with millions of dreams

childhood: a vague explanation of my unpleasant youth

lullaby by georgiana

along with creating tbs character sheets/infos, i’ve also taken up a new project that i can practice with more and feel less pressure from in comparison to the bird song comic.

here are some of those sketches.

character sketches

Personal Projects & Instagram

Inktober got the best of me and is basically all I have to show for on my feed.

I am working on catching up on things and my next thing to work on will be November Monthly Newsletter + a Creating Art post that will talk about the struggle I went through and how I managed during November.

Check out the ones I posted for October


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I’m seriously debating the course of my life atm as I struggle to find storage, so commissions would be a lifesaver for me.

I do have some rules about commissions which you can check out here: What I don’t do It also comes with samples.


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